Press Kit

To download the press kit below: Embodied Mag 2013 PressKit

Please email to and title the Subject as Press: *insert name* to inquire about your press need and/or if you have any questions or concerns. 

First Issue: Spring 2012


Issues: Print Publication released annually in February. We are currently working on developing our second issue of the magazine and are hoping to compile a biannual web issue in addition to the annual print issue.

Audience: Predominantly undergraduate students in the NYU Gallatin and NYU community.  Last year we printed 500 copies and it was also published online. This year, we are hoping to  make the magazine an even higher quality annual publication with 300 copies, hopefully more, with proper marketing and sponsors.

Additionally, this year we will be launching a website for the magazine that will run like a blog and will be updated weekly. Embodied Online will expand our reach both within and beyond the NYU community and open up further advertising/marketing opportunities.

Release/Partnership: The first issue of the magazine was released on the day of the Gallatin Fashion Show in February 2013. The Gallatin Fashion Show is one of NYU’s biggest annual events that showcases student designs and brings together students, faculty, and alumni. Again it will be released alongside the Gallatin Fashion Show in February 2014.

Embodied Mission Statement: Embodied is a fashion magazine that aims to address relevant issues of identity, self-esteem and diversity while promoting an inclusive definition of beauty. We will not contribute to the normative and narrow standards of who can be called beautiful and who can be a model, and we will avoid featuring articles focusing on how to change or improve one’s body, attract men, or lose weight, as the media often encourages. Instead, our content will promote positive self-image and self acceptance. Embodied Magazine will serve as a vehicle to feature student photography, student fashion designs, student models, and student writing. We’ll focus on issues that we as consumers of media face and promote media literacy by discussing and analyzing student perspectives on underrepresented groups in pop culture.

As students, we have discussed and analyzed the problems we see in the media and the negative impacts it has at length and we want to finally take the initiative to make a positive change. Instead of talking about the problems we see, we want to take action and produce the type of magazine we wish we could see on newsstands.

Social Media: One of our main goals this year is to expand our social media platforms.


Instagram: @embodiedmag

Objective: We hope to incorporate advertisements into the next issue in order to use Embodied as a catalyst for NYU students to further explore and discover the fashion community around them in the city, especially in surrounding neighborhoods. By establishing relationships with surrounding businesses we hope for possible partnerships down the road through events or promotions. If we are able to generate our desired ad revenue, we hope to release a second print issue later this year.

Pricing: See below.

Advertising Services

Prices valid from 09/2013 to 01/2013

Service Type



Standard Ad

Single Page


Standard Ad

Full Spread


Back Cover Ad

On the back of magazine


Cover Ad

Inside pages of magazine


Graphic Design Services

Provide Images of company and one of our staffs design the ad



Conduct a complete photoshoot for campaign




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