Community Recap

Community Recap: What you missed and what’s upcoming


If you are still unfamiliar with the name Tavi Gevinson, we suggest you brush up on recent news in pretty much every field. Not only has the mega fashion guru “wunderkind” started the online teen publication Rookie, she is the face of the adolescent generation. She continues to prove “there is nothing she cannot do” now that she is coming to Broadway starring alongside the uber-cutie Michael Cera. Will you grab tickets to watch her take the stage?


Clothing line “Vince” is taking great strides in becoming a lifestyle brand. As part of this, it has been announced that Vince will be going public with an IPO anticipated to be $200 million. What’s more is that the brand has introduced its  new children’s wear line, with items ranging from affordable comfort to pricey chic.


Since 2007, the world has been waiting and wanting the one and only Kate Moss to rekindle her relationship with Topshop. Well it seems, our wishes have finally been granted as the Brit’s collaboration with the large retailer is set to hit stores April 30th! Check the exclusive first look at Vogue UK to scout which pieces are your must-haves!

Alexander Wang

And FINALLY, the most exciting news EVER: in a bold midnight statement at Coachella (oh how we wish we were there), it was announced: Alexander Wang will be doing a collaboration with H&M. Known for its collaborations bringing high-fashion to a greater audience through affordable pricing, the brand has worked with many big names in the past from Versace to Isabel Marant. However, seeing as Wang is one of our all time faves, we must say the hype for this one just means a whole lot more. Let the countdown begin!!!


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