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Build-a-shoe: Prada’s Latest Project

Written by Tyler Mcgillivary

via Prada

via Prada

Remember in middle school when you wanted nothing more than to create your very own, customized pair of Nikes or Converses? Sure, everyone had the beat up black low tops, but there was something thrilling about the idea that only you would have the purple checked high-tops with neon green soles. Now, imagine the same rush you felt scrolling through rows of rainbow shades, trying to decide which height and style best complimented your wardrobe, but replace your beat-up sneakers with sleek Prada heels.

This past week, it was announced that for just two days, the eponymous brand would enable its customers to design their own pair of shoes from the “Made to Order Décolleté collection.” Shoppers at Prada’s Sloane Street store in London were able to choose from a selection of fabric types, including suede, satin, and other forms of leather, shoe and sole colors, and heel heights to ensure that they had designed a truly personal pair of shoes. Customers were also given the option to finish off their masterpieces by stamping the soles with amber-hued initials, making it especially easy to ward off any fashion forgers that may have tried to claim the design.

via Prada

via Prada

However, Prada is not the first designer brand to offer customers the option to design some aspect of their shoes. Notably, as part of the “L’Icona” project, Italian shoe brand Ferragamo allowed shoppers to design their own Vara and Varina flats online, offering variations in material, shoe and bow color, and hardware. As mentioned above, sneaker brands such as Vans, Converse, and Nike have also provided the option of self-design for many years, acting as better-priced, more casual alternatives to their designer counterparts. So, even though only a few, lucky Brits (and maybe a few tourists) were able to get their hands on a pair of customized Prada shoes, our fingers are crossed that the brand will soon offer the option again, except this time on our side of the Pond. In the meantime though, you can turn to Ferragamo for an equally stylish, flat option or to the website for your fix of customized high-heels.


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