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Editor’s Picks: March Favorites





Amber, Guinevere & Kate Photographed by Craig McDean

Anthropologie- $100

It’s a massive book at 208-some pages and it’s all I can do not to marvel tirelessly at the beautiful photographs within. At the close of this issue I’m treating myself to the Amber Valletta collector’s cover. One hundo well spent.

-Brennan Kilbane, Editor-in-chief



Tropical Palm Tree Skort 

Topshop- $68

As the long-awaited demise of the Polar Vortex approaches and it comes time to bear your legs for spring, this TopShop skirt couldn’t be more perfect. The buoyant print and asymmetrical cut are super on trend. Also, it’s an ideal length: not too skimpy and not too matronly.

-Jake Nevins, Features editor/ Fashion co-director




Pastel Ceramic Rose Keyhole SunglassesLace Sunglasses

Kawaii Kitsch- $42 & $19

Now that the sun is coming out, my go to accessory is a cute pair of sunglasses. The floral accents on these glasses are perfect for springtime. Both of these glasses are reminiscent of pairs from Dolce & Gabbana, but for less than a fraction of the price!

Kira Harada-Stone, Web director




Hedda Crystal Sandal

Tibi- $475

These are a chic standout sandal for spring.

Oliva Perez- Fashion director


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