Condom Couture

Her first dress was made of CONDOMS

On Friday December 6th, 2013 Face AIDS NYU hosted its first annual World AIDS Condom Couture Fashion Show.  Face AIDS NYU is a student ran organization focusing on global health equity and social justice.  The event was a platform for 6 designers in which the audience contributed cash votes for their favorite design.  The winning designer received a $50 gift card to Housing Works- an NYC-based thrift store that donates its proceeds to providing services for people living with HIV/AIDS.  All profits from the event are used to raise awareness for AIDS treatment in Rwanda.

condoms & shoesOne dress stood out in particular and it was the only one made entirely of condoms.  Designer Dominique Drakeford represented by her Sustainable Fashion PR company Drake Natural had a masterfully crafted revealing dress utilizing both condoms and the wrappers, keeping a clean color scheme.  While other designers attached condoms to an already constructed garment, Ms. Drakeford epitomized the idea of condom couture by creatively using sewing, stringing, gluing and stapling techniques to have a fully functioning and innovative design.


With a monokini aesthetic, the dress was virtually backless with a flattering deep V-neck breast-plate made entirely of the lubricated condoms.  The high-waisted skirt was made of condom wrappers with draped condom detail.  Perhaps the most striking part of the dress were the shoulder pads- cut up pieces of wrapper giving a metallic frilled affect.  However, what sealed the deal on this one of a kind condom dress was the uniquely attached 5 foot train.

Dominique Drakeford has never designed and/or constructed a full wearable garment until she decided to take on the challenge of creating a runway ready dress made entirely of condoms.  After given 2 plastic bags full of about 900 expired condoms, she had 3 weeks to construct her piece given very loose guidelines of “Make it Work”.  It wasn’t until 3 days before the show that creative juices finally started to flow. And after two nights of relentless hard work, she came out with a true work of wearable art.  Although she didn’t have a large enough fan base to win the student vote, she by far went above and beyond expectations with her jaw dropping edgy number, all in the name of AIDS Awareness.

designer & model Top 3 designs

Photo Credit: Dominque Drakeford

Model: Cassandra Rosario

MU: Cassandra Rosario

Hair: Dominique Drakeford


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