Editorial Note

Style Notes: An Icon in Memos

Edited by Brennan Kilbane, Fashion Director

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What makes an icon? Nowadays, the term, especially in the style context, has been diluted. Fashion is more ubiquitous now than ever, iconography being found in the more-is-more philosophy of Anna Dello Russo or the Parisian chic of Isabel Marant (for H&M, anybody?) All are icons in their own right. But it seems that more and more icons are popping up every day, every season, every post on Jak and Jil.

This is not a street style rant, I swear.

Earlier this week, I picked up a copy of Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years, a catalog of the eccentric fashion editor’s staff memos that included such gems as “The hottest thing in the world is to wear pants with stockings.” I paged through it for such a long time that an Anthropologie sales associate asked if she could leave it at the register for me.

There is such enthusiasm in the way that she speaks (or memos? mems?) that I was truly captivated. Not only did she have an eye for style and a cutting-edge flair, she had a genuine love of fashion. At it’s core, that is what makes an icon. That, and pants with stockings.

Click through to see a delicious collection of Vreeland photos, and some selected memos for your perusal.


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