Love them Bags

Daria is a NYU Law student. She is from Germany, and her favorite store is “Weekday!” The monochromatic look she is sporting is pretty simple, (we at Embodied love an all black ensemble) and her leather moto gloves are edgy and perfect for fall’s chilly temperature. The briefcase she is carrying oozes professionalism with a touch of an old-school sensibility. Daria sure will become one badass lawyer in the near future!

We’ve taken a look at Weekday; the place is pretty awesome. Their selection of jackets are chic and they are all about the New Yorker attitude. Unfortunately they only ship within Europe, so NYU Global students who are studying in Europe should take full advantage!

OOTW 11/12/2013OOTW 11/12/2013 OOTW 11/12/2013

Rebecca McCarthy is a CAS freshman. She got the jacket from Topshop and the shirt from Romeo & Juliet. Her favorite brands are Rebecca Taylor and Chanel, and she loves to shop at Nordstorm, Topshop, and Forever21. What we really love here is the cobalt Marc by Marc Jacobs side shoulder bag. It is absolutely adorable and totally spices up the entire look.

OOTW 11/12/2013 OOTW 11/12/2013 OOTW 11/12/2013


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